Field to fork

Serving the perfect steak is our passion – we’ve even been awarded Masters of Steak by the Craft Guild of Chefs for our efforts. We work closely with a few hand-picked suppliers so that we can be sure our steaks are fully traceable and of the highest quality.


Flavour comes first

We choose specific cattle breeds for their flavour, texture, succulence and size. Some you'll be familiar with, others may sound pretty exotic: Charolais, Limousin, Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Blonde Aquataine and Belgian Blue. We look for both cross-continental steers and heifers, only accepting cattle 30 months or younger, which ensures the muscles haven't been overworked and the meat is as tender as possible.

Our cattle are fed on both grass and grain, resulting in a fuller flavour and a beautiful marbled fleck of fat – when grilled, this fat melts down into the meat, making them even more juicy and delicious.

Hand-cut by our butchers

Every one of our 30-day aged steaks is hand-cut by our expert butchers. The trained eye can cut a steak to perfection, unlike a machine, ensuring only the top 4% of meat from every animal is given to us –which we then serve to you as part of our famous steak experience.


The steak experience

Unlike many other steakhouses, at Miller & Carter we provide a full steak experience for you without any of those nasty bill shocks. Once you've decided which of our 13 steaks you'd like, and how you want it to be cooked, you'll also get to choose a steak sauce. Then we'll add our signature crispy onion loaf, a dressed iceberg wedge and a grilled balsamic-glazed tomato to complete your steak experience.

Of course, you may want to go for a luxurious little extra, such as our lobster mac & cheese that'll give your steak that final flourish. And, of course, a great wine to complement it. So what are you waiting for? Find your nearest steakhouse and book in for the full Miller & Carter steak experience.

Our other stories

Masters of steak

We are proud to have been ‘Awarded Masters of Steak’ from the prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs.

Our steak school

All our head chefs don't grill a single T-bone or ribeye until they've graduated from our very own, dedicated Steak School.