Your local steakhouse restaurant experts

We are proud to have been awarded 'The Masters of Steak’ from the prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs, which recognises how Miller & Carter always strive to be leading steakhouse restaurant experts.  Meticulous inspection of our field to fork practices, from the way we rear our cattle, to how our steaks are butchered, aged, and cooked to perfection has led to the industry-leading award. The steps we take with our prime 30 day matured British & Irish beef ensures we deliver our signature ‘steak experience’ on every plate we serve. Find a local steakhouse near you.

The Craft Guild of Chefs “Masters of Steak” award

Beef: A labour of love

Beef is a labour of love here at Miller & Carter. We put everything into pursuing the perfect steak, from the field to the butcher’s block to the grill, so only the finest, most flavoursome cuts make your plate. All our beef is carefully and ethically sourced from trusted farmers and our chefs are trained at our very own ‘Steak School’ so they’re the experts in how to prepare and cook each cut to your exact personal preferences. Whether you chose to a T-Bone, Rump, Fillet or Sirloin steak, there’s a dish for every occasion – and you should only expect our very best when visiting a Miller & Carter steakhouse restaurant near you.