Celebrate in style at Miller & Carter Garforth

Booking Enquiry

We’d love to make your occasion even more special and hassle-free. To pre-order our indulgent chocolate cake simply fill in your details below.

Please be aware a separate Table Booking must be made first, to which this form will accompany. Not booked a table yet? Please visit our bookings page now. To place a pre order you will then need to enter your Booking confirmation number.

Please note, all pre-orders have to be requested before 48 hours before the booking.

Step 1 – Make a table booking for the day and time of your choice

Step 2 – Fill in our celebration pre-order form at least 48 hours before your booking

Step 3 – A member of our team will contact you by phone or email to confirm we have received your order and to request a £10 deposit to be made for the cake.