Cooking Tips

How to cook the perfect steak

Carl Whitehead, head chef at our steakhouse in Birmingham's Mailbox, tells us how it's done...

Tip 1

The secret is in the meat. Whatever your preferred cut, ensure it's a quality piece of beef. Here at Miller & Carter we use only the finest 30-day matured steaks, hand-prepared by our master butcher and carefully sourced from British farmers who care about their cattle.

Tip 2

Let it breathe for about 20 minutes before cooking, allowing it to reach room temperature (crucial for tenderness).

Tip 3

Season your steak well with rock salt and black pepper, and give it a good coating of oil ready for the chargrill or frying pan.

Tip 4

While doing so, heat your grill/pan to a high temperature. Only start cooking once it has reached the optimum heat. This will help seal the meat on all sides, locking in all that lovely flavour.

Tip 5

Let it rest. Resting is just as important as cooking because it allows the meat to re-absorb all its juices. The result is a fuller flavour and tenderness. If you forget to do this, you may end up with a large amount of blood on your dinner plate.

Tip 6

Serve on a hot plate to ensure your meal stays hotter, and more enjoyable for longer. The accompaniments are down to you, but I like my steak served simply – with some proper fries and watercress.