Steak School

Love steak? Then we'll let you into a few trade secrets... Read on for meaty facts, chef interviews and expert tips on cooking the best steak.

Why our steaks are a cut above the rest

A lot goes into ensuring only the most flavoursome, succulent cuts make your plate in our restaurant. Which is why we established our very own Steak School. Here our chefs discover exactly what's involved in producing the perfect Miller & Carter steak

A match made in heaven

The quest for the perfect steak starts in the field. Carefully selected British fields, of course. Here our premium-graded beef is sourced from cattle reared according to rigorous farming and animal welfare practices set out by the Quality Standard Mark.

Our meat producers work closely with the farmers, so we can trace every steak back to the animal, the herd it came from and the field it grazed on.

Traditional methods

Our beef is then aged for 30 days, using both wet and dry techniques to provide the optimum succulence. Our expert butchers then hand cut every steak ready for our specially trained chefs to season and grill them to perfection.

Next stop is our master butcher at Fairfax Meadow, who hand-cuts the beef to exacting standards. "We believe the traditional methods are the best," says Fairfax's Gerry Wensley. "Good meat takes selective breeding, proper maturing and expert preparation. If you're going to do something well you can't compromise on anything."

The journey culminates in the kitchen, where our chefs learn how to get the best from our outstanding beef – and really sharpen up those grilling skills.

Want to know how to cook steak like a Miller & Carter chef? See our cooking tips and get grilling...