New cuts for an off-the-scale steak experience

Thought you’d tried it all when it comes to steak? Then think again. We’ve got four hot-off-the-grill additions to our menu at M&C Virtual, which you might never even have seen before.

We can’t wait to serve you our latest cuts, handpicked by our master butcher and prepared to perfection by our expert grill-chefs:

30oz LONG-BONE TOMAHAWK STEAK – a delicious monster of a sharer which is still pretty new in the UK, so not many will know about it. But we’re here to spread the word. We recommend it medium.

9oz BRITISH 45-DAY AGED RUMP – aged an extra 15 days for an intense flavour and enhanced tenderness. Try it medium.

8oz AUSTRALIAN GRAIN FED BLACK ANGUS RIBEYE – wet-aged for 50 days to pack a massive flavour punch. Go for medium.

10oz FILLET ON THE BONE – classic tender fillet aged on the bone for extra melt-in-the mouth flavour. Recommended medium-rare.

And there’s more…

We’ve revamped our entire menu so it’s also groaning with fantastic new non-steak dishes, starters and desserts.

So why not book a table at your favourite steakhouse and see for yourself what all the fuss is about?

There’s never been a better time for steak – or great food in general – at M&C Virtual.