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Producing a great cut of beef can take years – then all too often it's ruined in the last five minutes. Seasoning, grilling and resting the perfect steak isn't rocket science, but it IS a science. All our head chefs don't grill a single T-bone or ribeye until they've graduated from our very own, dedicated Steak School.

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Our steak school takes our grill chefs on a journey quite literally from 'Farm to Fork' and allows them to fully understand the choices we have made, the processes in place and the strict controls we follow to ensure we deliver excellent quality steaks to our guests on each and every occasion.

Don't just take our word for it – here's what some of our team had to say when they'd graduated:

"It was amazing to understand the knowledge and experience that each person had to ensure that everything that they do is at the best that it can be." Craig, Miller & Carter Leigh-On-Sea

"The knowledge gained and process you go through really instils passion in you for Miller & Carter. It shows that above all else we care about what we are doing and have the knowledge and experts to back that up and provide not just A steak dinner but THE steak experience" Mike, Miller & Carter Brookmans Park

"For me it gave me an honest feel for how passionate each person is that has a role in our steak story. From the farmers to the chefs at the end result. Pretty inspiring how much there really is to the whole thing." Lee, Miller & Carter Manchester

how we cook the perfect steak

You'd think we'd keep the secret of a perfect steak to ourselves. In fact, the opposite is true. Life is too short for disappointing steak, so we want our guests to go away happy, full and just that bit more knowledgeable. Of course, you can only enjoy a Miller & Carter steak in a Miller & Carter steakhouse – but we'll do all we can to help our guests get closer to perfection at home.

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1. The secret's in the meat

Whatever your preferred cut, ensure it's a quality piece of beef. At Miller & Carter we use only the finest 30-day matured steaks, carefully sourced from British and Irish farmers who care about their cattle.

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Take the steak out of the fridge and leave for about 20 minutes before cooking, allowing it to reach room temperature. This is crucial for tenderness.

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Season your steak well with rock salt and black pepper, and give it a good coating of oil ready for the chargrill or frying pan.

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Heat your grill/pan to a high temperature. Only start cooking once it has reached the optimum heat. This will help seal the meat on all sides, locking in all that lovely flavour.

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Resting is just as important as cooking because it allows the meat to re-absorb all its juices. The result brings a fuller flavour as well as tenderness. If you forget to do this, you may end up with a large amount of blood on your dinner plate.

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Always make sure your plate is warm so your meal stays hotter, and more enjoyable, for longer. The accompaniments are down to you, but we'd recommend serving it simply – with some herb butter, piping hot fries, tomato and watercress.