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If you've recently visited Miller & Carter Albert Dock, or another of our restaurants, then we'd love to know how it was for you. Why not take our guest satisfaction survey and rate your experience?

Our guest ratings

The chart here shows ratings from guests who may have visited from all over Liverpool, Mossley Hill, Allerton, Aigburth and further afield. The results are updated weekly and include feedback from the last few months. The stars represent the following answers to the statement "Overall I was satisfied with my visit":

  • Five for "strongly agree"
  • Four for "agree"
  • Three for "neither agree nor disagree"
  • Two for "disagree"
  • One for "strongly disagree"

Urgent matter?

Please contact the manager at the Miller & Carter you visited or email our guest-care team, who'll respond as soon as they can.

How satisfied are our guests?

Guest feedback over the last 12 weeks

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